West Coast Swing - 2014 Swing in the South Bay - Open Jack & Jill - Song 2 - HD

This is the 2014 Swing in the South Bay Open Jack & Jill (random partnership and music) for dancers of any level. Song: "5:19" - Matt Wertz Watch the entire 2014 Swing in the South Bay Competition Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6oDdRDlX2E&list=PLkuIcIYIvqLcn1zEiohPQqy4UBE3vNb6z&index=2 Open Jack & Jill Results: 1st: Evan Pardo & Tara Hayden 2nd: Jonah Deitz & Marine Fabre 3rd: Rene Arreola & Patty Houston 4th: Joshua Baime & Diana Stanley 5th: Austin Kois & Christine Manion Swing in the South Bay is a local, all inclusive West Coast Swing dance event that offers workshops with top instructors from across the San Francisco Bay Area, Jack & Jill competitions and social dancing all night long! The event, hosted by Joanna Meinl, was held at Dance Boulevard in San Jose, CA, on March 22, 2014 Joanna Meinl: http://www.JoannaMeinl.com Dance Boulevard: http://www.DanceBoulevard.com