Hi, my name is Emmett Henderson and I am a west coast swing dancer in New York City. I created wcsvideos.com to make it as easy to find west coast swing videos that are uploaded to YouTube. Only west coast swing videos are shown in chronological order so the latest videos will always be on the home page.

Videos are also organized by dance pros. This makes it easy to find the latest video starring your favorite dance pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I uploaded a west coast swing video to YouYube but it is not showing up here.

A: Videos are imported on a daily basis so if you just uploaded your video just wait a day. Also make sure you have 'west coast swing' in the title, description or keywords.

Q: I uploaded a west coast swing video of a dance pro. The video is on the site but the video does not appear in the dance pro section.

A: Make sure that the dance pro's full name appears in the title or the description. So instead of saying 'John L dancing with Jessica' say 'John Lindo dancing with Jessica Cox'.

Q: There is a video on your site that is not a west coast swing video.

A: You can click the 'Flag Video' button which is right next to each video. This will flag the video for review. I periodically delete flagged videos which are not west coast swing related.

Q: I uploaded a video to YouTube and do not want it to appear on your site

A: You can turn off video embedding on your YouTube videos. Here is a link to YouTube's documentation [Link]

Q: Someone illegally uploaded my copyrighted video to YouTube and it is now appearing on your site.

A: Please file a DMCA request with YouTube [Link] Once the video has been removed from YouTube it will no longer appear on this site.